Le GENE Private Health
私人健康辨公室 Private Health Office 家族健康辨公室 Family Health Office
Precision Medicine! Professional Clinical Grade Human Genetic Technology, Lifestyle by DNA – diet, prevention, skin care, Family by DNA – genetic identity, relationship verification, Heritage by DNA – whole genome sequencing for eternal storage, Next Generation by DNA – proactive carrier screening, Newborn by DNA – prenatal and postnatal genetic technologies management, Personalized, Proactive, Predictive, Precise Care that Makes A Difference in Your Health Destination
Customized Medical Care, Multi-specialty Specialist Medical Resources, Private hospital privileges and priority arrangements, Private mansion retreat and rehabilitation access, International medical aero-transfer and professional escort, Customized medical insurance and investment, China clinical care interface. Cutting-edge Technology, top Quality Medical Resources, Unparalleled Concierge Service. To Serve Your Needs, Expertise and Insider, At Your Fingertips
Advanced Cell Biotechnology, Dedication, Scientific Evidence-Based, Quality Control and Assurance, Impactful Clinical Results, Priority Access to Scarce Resources
PRIVATE • VOYAGE, Private Jet Touring – Noble journey for your loved ones, Onboard Medical Care – Healthcare professionals by your side for reassurance beyond compare, Clinical grade air sanitization of the cabin, Heart-warming safe trip kit set, For clients with personal private jet, we provide clinical grade ambient air and air circulation system sanitization
GMT • CLUB, Networking, Meeting, Events, Private Space, Oasis inside the CBD, A germ-free space where technology meets quality
Next Generation Education • Admission Support, Love & Planning - The ultimate gift of parents, Education Health Achievement, Pearls of Child Development, Disease prevention training, Private home flight , Emergency international medical escort, Private hospital and healthcare professionals’ resources, Scientific health maintenance and lifestyle, Early medical science education and medical faculty admission support, Early international medical industry horizon and context, Long-distance clinical care during overseas boarding, Access to latest pharmacological resources, Clinical grade living environment sanitization