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  • KiDzGENE is a genetic testing of children innate traits. The application of genetics has become one of the referencing tool of parenting. Lots of parents choose to conduct a variety of genetic test for their children after understanding the application of genetic test. They hope to obtain a more scientific reference guide for parenting their children.

    Selected in the United States CLIA certified whole gene sequence center, using the current advanced professional brand illumine sequencing equipment for NGS sub-generation sequencing genotype analysis. Detection of more than 90 groups of DNA, covering: intelligence, sports, behavior, physical, allergy and other 60 kinds of analysis, testing before and after professional genetic counseling for parents to provide professional and reliable scientific parenting reference.

    Phase 1 – Breast Feeding & IQ (from 3 months old)

    • Breast Feeding & IQ – Assessment of the effect on IQ by breast feeding

    Phase 2 – Diet (from 3 months old)

    • Lactose intolerance, Fructose intolerance, Gluten hypersensitivity, Eating behavior (Sugar craving),Type 1 Diabetes, G6PD, Senses (Pain, Bitter, Coriander)

    Phase 3 – Presentations (from 3 months old)

    • Skin (Freckles, Moles, UV sensitivity), Hair type, Ear wax type

    Phase 4 – Language Skills (from 2 years old)

    • Language Skills (Overall assessment, Percentile among various ethnic groups)

    Phase 5 – Behavior (from 2 years old)

    • Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia

    Phase 6 – Atopy (from 2 years old)

    • Eczema (Overall risk assessment), Asthma (Overall risk assessment, Child/Adolescent onset assessment, Response to inhaled steroid, Response to inhaled beta2-agonist bronchodilators), Allergic Rhinitis (Overall risk assessment, Pollen, Hay Fever)

    Phase 7 – Eyesight (from 2 years old)

    • Near-Sightedness (Overall risk assessment)

    Phase 8 – Academic (from 3 years old)

    • Performance IQ (Matrix, Reasoning, 3D, Numbers, Symbols, Figures, Overall assessment, Percentile among various ethnic groups), Memory (Overall assessment, Percentile among various ethnic groups), Learning ability (Overall assessment, Percentile among various ethnic groups)

    Phase 9 – Sports Injuries (from 3 years old)

    • Achilles Tendon strength, ACL strength

    Phase 10 – Sports (from 3 years old)

    • Endurance (Overall assessment, Elite athlete genes, Marathon runner genes), Muscle (Strength, Percentile among various ethnic groups), Muscle power (Sprinter),Response to training (Baseline blood oxygen level)

    Phase 11 – Physique (from 5 years old)

    • Childhood obesity (Overall risk assessment, Adiponectin),Female – Idiopathic scoliosis of adolescent girls, Male - Hypospadias

    Phase 12 – Addiction (from 6 years old)

    • Nicotine Dependence, Heroin Dependence

    Why you want to know?

    We have never made light of our kids’ development but without much knowledge of their innate potentials and physique – until now. How long should you breastfeed your child? Should you line his bedroom with rugs? Will he perform better in traditional or international school? Is he a tennis or a golf person? Integrating professional genetic support, KIDzGENE presents the opportunity of making informed decisions.

    Advantages of KIDzGENE:

    LeGENE professional team believes in the magnitude of well-rounded development of our kids. No two leaves are identical. With the knowledge of your kid’s unique DNA composition related to his health, development and happiness, you can now know your child better than how you see it, while our team of medical doctors, genetic counselors, and other specialists are the resourceful backup for parents and families.

    Professional Statement:

    Policy statement developed by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) clearly states that genetic testing and screening for minors may produce results with significant medical, psychological, and social implications, not only for the minor but also for other family members. AAP and ACMG strongly advise against direct-to- customer genetic testing but recommend all test takers to receive genetic counseling performed by clinical geneticists, genetic counselors, or any other health care provider with appropriate training and expertise. Family members of the subject of concern should determine about whether to undergo genetic testing or screening, and what items to test or screen for, solely based on the best interest of the child. LeGene Child Genetic Tests consist of selected test items with proven scientific evidence and allow parents to make an effort and have probable change of outcome. Genetic test results are predictive and supplementary to environmental factors. The contents and information in the reports are for your information only and should be interpreted by professionals. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a genetic test report. A genetic test report should be regarded as complementary to nurture and training, to provide the child with support and a growing environment for his best interest.

    The science of Child Genetic Tests is in rapid development and the results are for your reference only. The information therein is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. LeGene Ltd. only accepts referrals from healthcare providers, other professional personnel with trainings in genetics or children education, or other related professional institutes.

  • Non-invasive saliva sampling

  • United States CLIA Accredited Genetic Center

  • Report interpretations and recommendations by medical doctor or genetic counselor