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  • BeautiGENE professional team believes: Skincare begins with understanding of your skin characteristics. Genetic technologies not only allow us to further understand our own skin characteristics, but also bring us closer to the personal skincare!


    • Not visible to the eyes does not mean that the skin aging process does not exist – BeautiGENE genetic testing analyses five categories of congenital skin risk factors and recommend personalized skin care before any skin aging damages presented.


    • More understanding about the skin characteristics and congenital potential problems rather than the skin test machine.


    • Application of the advanced gene technology, data analysis of skin characteristics, and scientific reference to lead the personal skin care.

    BeautiGENE professional services:

    Analysis of your skin characteristics and risks
    Personal skincare recommendations including topical and supplementary ingredients, as well as professional treatments.

    BeautiGENE professional services features:

    Australia Accredited Genetic Center
    Non-invasive sampling procedure
    Applicable to both men and women
    Chinese and/or English reporting
    Qualified skin genetic counselors and genetic counseling team consultants
    Pre-test & Post-test skin genetic counseling service

    BeautiGENE Reliability

    Technology:KASP Genotyping
    Accreditation:ISO9001 Australia
    Sampling:Buccal Swab
    Turn-around-time:around 4-6 weeks
    Report Interpretation:Genetic Counselor / Skin Genetic Counselor
    Follow-up support:Medical Team Supports(if necessary)
    Non-invasive sampling and scientific analysis. Beauty begins from understanding, and keeps on going by the personalized skincare schemes.

  • Non-invasive sampling

  • Australia Accredited Genetic Center

  • Report interpretations and personal skincare recommendations by skin genetic counselors