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  • After-test professional support is of equal importance to the genetic test itself. Our professional team is here to transform your personal genetic reports into an applicable tool to bring real benefits to your health. Based on genetic science, we hope to help you choose the right path for your family and your health.

  • Understand Yourself
    It is essential for you to understand yourself through your genes – our medical & genetic professional will make a complex genetic test report understandable. It is where the journey to health starts.
  • Medical Prevention
    Genetic science and technology bring new insights to healthcare. From drugs, medical procedures to interventions, the right medical weapons are here to help managing risks before they become threats. To make good use of modern medicine, genetics can lend help. With knowledge of your genetic profile, we can tailor a plan of medical prevention for you, at the right place and the right time.
  • Diet & Lifestyle
    Don’t underestimate the power of doing the right rituals for your body every day. Having the suitable diet and living the disease-preventing lifestyle, may actually overwhelm the hereditary health risks, and vice versa. Only the right choices of diet & lifestyle can truly protect your health. From your genes, you can live by your Choices, not Chances.
  • Tailored Health Checks
    Pick it up at Stage 1! For life threatening diseases, early detection may save lives. Your annual health check can now be different from the one-size-fits-all packages, but be the personalized health checking scheme that can detect illness in a timely fashion based on your genes.

  • A Journey from Genes to Health – Understand Your Genes Opens the Ultimate Doors to Personalized Health and Living